Bishop Family Tree

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This is the family tree for the ancestors of Charlie Bishop & Sarah Bishop (née Pattimore). It is based on my research to date and is regularly updated, as more information comes to light.

Both sides of the family have a number of geographical focuses in England or Wales:

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Charlie Bishop

Family Names:

?? Cozens Harvey McCarthy Puttick
Allender Cross Hasell McEntee Rew
Allman Crowe Haycock McQuestin Richer
Bagley Curties Hendy Medler Royal
Bailey Davis Hews Melbourne Rule
Baker Dimmery Hibbs Moorman Scrivener
Banfield Disney Hill Morley Shelton
Bangay Docking Hills Morton Silvester
Basey Dowsing Holland Moulton Simmons
Bastien Doxey Holman Murrell Sisell
Bishop Edwards Horrex Nelson Skuse
Blake Elsbury Howells Newman Smith
Booty English Hubbard Newson Songer
Box Evans Jarrett Nicholls Sowden
Bray Fiddy Jarvis Norman Staples
Bultitude Finch Jefferies Oakley Stibbs
Burchill Flook Johns Oliver Stoakes
Carrington Fluke Johnson Osborn Stone
Caston Ford Jones Page Sutterell
Cecil Garland Kemish Palmer Taylor
Chandler Garnham Kinkead Parker Thomas
Cheek Geep Lake Pattemore Tiler
Chick Goodman Langford Pattimore Tovey
Chidzey Goodrick Lapham Pearson Walter
Churchill Gordon Lloyd Pebardy Watkins
Clark Gosling Lock Peck White
Coe Grice Lockyer Pickford Williams
Collins Gunter Mann Pilgrim Wilson
Cooper Gwatkin Marsh Pinner Wiltshire
Cording Hale Martin Pitkin Wiseman
Cordy Hallwood Matthew Potter Woodhouse
Cotton Handley Matthews Powell Wright
Cowles Hanniford Matthewson Pratt
Cox Harding May Price
Coyde Harrison Mayes Pritchard